Kouhei Ueno

I am a software engineer, passionate about distributed systems, database management systems, file storage systems, and 3D computer graphics rendering algorithms.



Blink is Google Chrome’s HTML rendering engine. I’m currently primarily responsible for loading related code, especially HTML parser. I made 700+ commits. My contributions span to wide area of Blink, including DOM, SVG, CSS, layout, paint invalidation, bindings, and accessibility. I’m selected as one of“core/OWNERS”, given permission to reviewing core part of the engine. I also contribute to catapult, the performance monitoring infrastructure used by Chromium developers.


Otaru is a cloud-storage-backed file-system with powerful local cache and large file size support. It is capable of handling high bandwidth network connection (>1Gbps).


FPGA-based digital audio mixer. Dmix features the nkmd DSP IP-core made from scratch. nkmd is based on original ISA with handblown assembler.